Do i need council approval for a patio?

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As a seasoned Perth Draftsman, we understand the complexities of patio drafting, patio council submission, and the overarching process of obtaining Patio Approval.

Our service page and informative post are designed to guide you through the essentials of navigating the council approval process for your patio project.

Patio Drafting and Design Considerations

Before you embark on your patio project, it’s crucial to understand that patios are classified under traditional buildings, requiring as much paperwork and compliance as adding a new room or garage.

The process might appear daunting; however, with our expertise in patio drafting and design, we aim to streamline your experience, ensuring your patio not only meets your expectations but also adheres to local and national building codes.

Do i need council approval for a Patio or Alfresco in Perth?i

Yes. When considering adding a patio to your property in Perth, understanding the requirements for council approval is crucial. At Perth Drafting Service, our experienced patio draftsman team is here to guide you through the complexities of patio drafting, patio council submission, and ensuring you meet all necessary regulations. This article will break down the essentials of obtaining patio approval, making your journey towards building your dream patio as seamless as possible.

Patio Approval Process in Perth

Before diving into the construction of your new patio, it’s important to navigate the council approval process. This ensures your project complies with local regulations and standards.

Planning Approval vs. Building Approval

Planning Approval

Planning approval is only needed if your Patio is closer that 1.5m to the boundary or doesnt comply with the R- codes. The planning board requires the following for a patio approval submission:

  • A completed Development Application form along with any applicable fees.
  • A site plan, scaled not less than 1:1200, detailing setbacks from front, side, and rear boundaries.
  • Elevation drawings to scale (either 1:200 or 1:100) showing height to eaves and roof pitch.
  • Note: Planning approval can take up to 60 working days, with potential extensions if neighbours or external agencies need to be consulted.

Building Approval (Required)

Building approval, on the other hand, ensures your patio meets safety standards and building codes. This is required for all Patios.

  • Building Approval: Requires submission of a BA2 form, relevant fees, site plans, floor plans/elevations/sections, construction details and engineerign drawings.

Is planning application needed?

For a single house or grouped dwelling, a development (planning) application is generally not required if your patio meets the following criteria:

  • Open Sides:
    The patio is open on two or more sides.
  • Street Setback:
    The patio is set back the minimum distance from the street boundary according to your R-Code density (refer to the table below).
  • Height and Boundary Setback:
    • The total height (to the top of the roof) does not exceed 2.7m, and it is set back from the side or rear boundary:
      • For patios up to 10m in length, the posts are to the boundary, and the roof/eave is 450mm from the boundary.
      • For patios longer than 10m and/or higher than 2.7m, the setback should comply with the table below.
  • Street Visibility:
    If visible from the street, the patio should be consistent in style with the existing house and compatible with the surrounding area.
  • Open Space Compliance:
    The patio provides sufficient open space and an uncovered outdoor living area in accordance with your R-Code density (refer to the table below).

How To Simplify the Approval Process

Navigating council approvals can be daunting. Here are some tips to make the process smoother:

  • Directly contact your city council for accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Engage a professional patio draftsman for accurate plans and documentation.
  • Keep consistent communication with your council throughout the process.
  • Avoid making changes once your plans are approved.

Perth Draftsman: Your Partner in Patio Drafting and Approval

At Perth Drafting Service, we understand the challenges of obtaining patio council approval. Our team of experienced patio draftsmen is here to assist you from drafting accurate plans to navigating the council submission process. With our expertise, we aim to take the stress out of building your dream patio.

What we will draw your Patio Plans for Council:

  • Site Plan:
    Perth Drafting Service will supply one copy of the site plan, scaled at a minimum of 1:200, including:
    • Contour survey and spot levels
    • Proposed finished floor level
    • Setback distances for the patio/gazebo from lot boundaries and other structures
    • Septic systems and a north point
  • Floor Plan:
    One copy, scaled at a minimum of 1:100, showing all dimensions
  • Elevations:
    One copy, scaled at a minimum of 1:100, showing all elevations
  • Sections:
    One copy, scaled at a minimum of 1:100, illustrating cross-sectional views
  • Certified Engineer’s Specifications:
    One copy, required for all steel patios

How to Make the Approval Process Easier

To simplify the patio approval process, it’s advisable to:

  • Directly contact your local council for accurate information.
  • Engage a professional patio draftsman for drawing and certification.
  • Avoid making changes to plans once they have been approved.

Need us to submit your patio for you?

Navigating the council approval process for your Perth patio can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. Perth Drafting Service has the expertise and experience to ensure your patio drafting and council submission process is seamless.

Our team of skilled Perth draftsmen will handle all the necessary documentation and liaise with the council on your behalf.

FAQs About Perth Draftsman Services for Patio Approval

Do I need council approval to build a patio in Perth?

Yes, in most cases, you will require council approval to build a patio in Perth. This involves obtaining both planning and building permits that ensure your patio design complies with local regulations, safety standards, and aesthetic guidelines. However, certain small-scale projects may be exempt, depending on their size and height. Consulting with a professional draftsman can help you navigate these requirements more efficiently.

How can a draftsman help with my patio project?

A draftsman plays a crucial role in your patio project by providing expert drafting services, which include creating detailed plans that adhere to both aesthetic and structural regulations.

At Perth Drafting Service, we assist you from the initial design phase to the final council submission, ensuring that your documentation is comprehensive and compliant. Our expertise simplifies the approval process, making it as stress-free as possible for you.

What council approval do i need for a patio?

You will need a building approval and you may need planning approval if your plan does not comply with the R codes or local policies.

For building approval you will need a siteplan, elevations, sections, floorplan and engineering documentation as well as a BA2 form.

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